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We know that the basic needs of a human are Food, Shelter, and Clothing. The main intention of SEMPL is to create Opportunity for a common man to fulfill his basic needs and further work to achieve big dreams. The common dream that a common man has is owning a piece of land and house. SEMPL management has structured the company policies and Business model such that people of all kinds of classes, especially poor and middle class can afford to own a piece of land or house.

SEMPL Aims and works to provide employment for dedicated and hardworking individuals.


SEMPL (SOVEREIGN ESTATES AND MULTI-TRADES PRIVATE LIMITED) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company established on 02-Oct-2014 as a part of  SOVEREIGN GROUP OF COMPANIES. It is a Real Estate Development company which was Incorporated as a Private Company on 09-June-2016. SEMPL was established and is managed by Dr KODANDAPANI BOGA (Managing Director) and Mr MD. SULTAN PASHA (Chairman).

SEMPL and SOVEREIGN SERVICES was started by 2 committed individuals in a small shed and now SEMPL is providing Employment to 1000+ people with 3 branch Offices in MAHABUBNAGAR , HYDERABAD and KOSGI

SEMPL has Successfully completed 45+ ventures within the span of 7 years. Most of the ventures are affordable for common people and especially the concept of 1 plot @ Rs. 99,999 was revolutionary and admired by many customers. This stands as a Record in the field of Real estate and SEMPL is famous for its Affordability, Quick sales and Quality service.

SEMPL provides Employment to all kind of people without any discrimination. Unemployed, employed, students, housewives – anyone can be a part of our SEMPL family. The only INVESTMENT which we expect from you is your TIME AND TALENT. The performing employees are always recognized and rewarded. Top Achievers are regularly taken to INTERNATIONAL and DOMESTIC TRIPS.

SEMPL is well known for its CSR (CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY) activities. The company provides financial support to poor students, sportsmen and many other talented people who have the ability to achieve great goals and make our country and state of Telangana proud. SEMPL has been part of many social welfare activities which were conducted for the welfare of people. Our company has sponsored several cultural, sports, spiritual and commercial programs.

SEMPL provides a platform to work for yourself and at the same time Contribute for the welfare of Society. The company believes that “One can only Grow when one helps others to Grow” and “It’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the development of our society”.


                                                                             OUR FOUNDERS

Both our founders are visionary and dynamic having a tremendous experience of 25 years in the field of Real Estate.



Managing Director / CEO

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